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Journey Before Desination

Hello, interested party!

You've found your way to my study logs. The intent of this page is to indiscriminately dump study notes, questions, ideas, etc., about whatever I'm currently studying. It will be messy and unorganized, probably wrong, maybe inconsistent, and definitely boring (maybe). Don't worry about it too much---I'm not!

The goal here is to post regularly to serve as a personal accountability tool, reference material, and a measure of progress. I've never really logged my study sessions in the past, but as the topics I study become increasingly complex and demanding, I've found that the occassional notes I've been taking aren't enough. They get lost in a notebook that's stashed in a drawer that I forget to update and review. Making posts here with markup is quick, easy, and low-friction, as I already have the tools ready at my disposal while I'm studying.

Study Logs